Studio Monchy

'Why do you do what you do?' - Peter Renshaw

Studio Monchy

Society changes, as do the target groups and the way we learn. This requires a high degree of flexibility, creativity and innovation. Music education is more than ever a creative field! As in any creative profession, there are pioneers who not only find new paths but actively prepare the way for the next generation. The Wim de Monchy Foundation and Akoesticum have joined forces to offer these pioneers the opportunity to develop professionally and personally, in conjunction and cooperation with like-minded people at Studio Monchy.

Studio Monchy

In the past year, the Wim de Monchy Foundation and Akoesticum have worked hard with various musicians to set up Studio Monchy. In an intensive process, Studio Monchy brings together pioneers in the field of music education and participation, and creates a safe, challenging and inspiring environment to work together on issues and solutions within the field and society. Studio Monchy believes in "lifelong learning" and is inspired by Peter Renshaw's question "Why do you do what you do?".

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In the run-up to the academy, the podcast series Losgezongen (Unsung) was launched, the podcast for your weekly dose of inspiration. Led by Maite van der Marel, ten professionals talk about their own view of the field and their own practice. All ten episodes are now live and can be listened to via the button below!

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About the pilot

Before Studio Monchy officially goes live, there will be a pilot in which you can participate!

  • Dates:
    Weekend 1, 19-21 November 2021
    Weekend 2, 28-30 January 2022

    Weekend 3, 4-6 March 2022
    Closing annual programme, Saturday 21 May 2022

  • Price: € 600 for three weekends + individual coaching + peer review and return day*.

* Normally, Studio Monchy costs €1800. For the pilot, there is a reduced price. So be quick to take advantage of this special offer.

Do you want to participate? Or do you have questions?

Contact us via!

FAQ Studio Monchy

What is Studio Monchy?

Studio Monchy offers a programme for professionals in music education and participation (in a broad sense) to develop themselves further and form meaningful networks. Studio Monchy focuses explicitly on those professionals who are constantly looking for new ways and solutions, who see challenges and opportunities.

Studio Monchy is not a replacement of art education, or a formal continuation of it. We do not organise courses, curriculums or trainings.

Who is Studio Monchy for?

Studio Monchy is for professionals in the field of music education and participation: musicians, music teachers, community musicians, music workshop leaders, in short: musicians and makers who work actively with groups in society.

Our target group is innovative in the field: they research and develop what is needed. In other words, they are looking for new ways and creating them themselves.

Participants have several years of active practice and have experienced first-hand that sometimes more or something else is needed than has been developed so far or is available.

We expect an open and curious attitude and professionalism. These are not dependent on prior education, age or field of work. An intake is part of the selection process for Studio Monchy so that we can come to a well-balanced group of participants.

What does Studio Monchy consist of? What will you be doing?

At the moment, Studio Monchy is in full development. Participants have to like adventure. In the pilot edition, we will develop an inspiring programme, spread over three weekends.

Together, we will work on artistic, social, educational and other aspects of the professional practice. We will involve inspiring and skilled trainers, coaches and guest speakers. Our target group consists of people who constantly combine thinking and doing in their practice. In Studio Monchy, this will not be much different: we will listen, speak, play, create and move. And eat and make music together, because let's not forget the important things in life!

Who are the people and organisations behind Studio Monchy?

Studio Monchy is an initiative of the Wim de Monchy Foundation, which aims to promote music education in the Netherlands. The foundation works together with the Akoesticum foundation in Ede, a national training centre for music, dance and theatre.

The programme leader of Studio Monchy is Maite van der Marel: a workshop leader and trainer with expertise in creative making processes and experience with various target groups in both the Netherlands and the Middle East. She is assisted by Harold Lenselink: artistic director of Akoesticum, musician, former choir conductor and former conservatoire teacher.

The programme is developed and performed under the direction of Maite van der Marel, in cooperation with Jeffrey Noordijk, Carmen Hovestad, Rohan Poldervaart and Allerd van den Bremen (experienced and innovative musicians/trainers).

What are the conditions to participate in Studio Monchy?

Participation in Studio Monchy requires a professional level of education with musical and pedagogical skills. A professional music education, PABO or similar qualification is a good starting point, but not strictly necessary. After all, there are several ways to reach a professional level. If you are in doubt, please contact us.

Is it possible to do only part of Studio Monchy?

Participation means taking part in a 'learning community', exchanging knowledge and experience in a sustainable way, at least for a year. Only then will the desired cooperation and bond be built up within the group of participants. It is therefore only possible to participate in the entire year programme.

However, we may organise activities in the meantime that may be of interest to you: introduction days, workshops, training courses. Sign up here to be kept informed.

Is Studio Monchy only accessible for Dutch speakers?

No. Studio Monchy is intended for professionals working in the Dutch field of music education and participation. If this applies to you, and you meet the other requirements, then you are welcome!


When and where does Studio Monchy take place?

The pilot edition of Studio Monchy is planned to start in November 2021. Meetings will take place at Akoesticum in Ede. It is now possible to register for the pilot.

An edition will follow in the autumn of 2022. Register here to be informed of the final dates.

How much time does it cost to participate in Studio Monchy?

The upcoming edition of Studio Monchy is a pilot.

To give an indication of the scale: it concerns three weekends and a number of intervision and/or return days which will contribute to the sustainability of what we have been doing in Studio Monchy.

What does it cost to participate in Studio Monchy? What do you get?

The cost of the programme is normally €1,800. Because we are running a pilot this year, we have a reduced rate of 600 euros for three weekends + individual coaching + intervision and return day. Overnight stays are included. Scholarships are available for participants who cannot get financial support from their employer or government. Contact us for possibilities via