Our ANBI-status

Business data

Name of the organisation: Stichting Akoesticum
Chamber of Commerce:
RSIN: 8226577 40
IBANnummer: NL71 RABO 0129 1294 45
BTW-number: NL822657740B01
Purpose: To promote all types of performing arts by raising awareness of the performing arts, creating opportunities to train people, providing facilities to practice performing arts, providing an opportunity to perform, promoting the performing arts, providing musical instruments and anything else that may be conducive to the objective in the space. Supervisory Board: Erik Heinrich, Miranda van Drie, Leonie van der Kruk, Joop van Deuren en Sylvia Kortenraij.


As a national training centre for music, dance and theatre, Akoesticum is committed to offering performing artists from all over the world an affordable and professional workplace.

Akoesticum is a non-profit organisation with cultural ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Donations and gifts to Akoesticum are therefore tax deductible. Donors to cultural ANBIs also have an additional tax advantage as an additional gift deduction applies to them.


downloadOktober 2011 / gewijzigd in 2014



Annual reports

We also publish the most recent annual report on the website of the Philanthropy Knowledge Bank, the central database of charitable organisations in the Netherlands.

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