About Akoesticum

Our vision and mission

We are Akoesticum, the first and only training centre for music, dance and theatre in the Netherlands. Since opening in January 2015, guests and visitors from the Netherlands and abroad have been coming to us to practice, train, eat and stay overnight. A number of special groups have since made us their permanent training location, including the Concertgebouw Orchestra Young and the Australian Youth Orchestra.


Akoesticum believes that art is indispensable for the development of people and for connecting people in society. Art stimulates creativity and the imagination and brings people together. With this in mind, the foundation aims to contribute to a better society through the performing arts.

Mission statement

Akoesticum wants to be a sanctuary for performing artists to come together, rehearse, learn, create, experiment, innovate and inspire each other. A location that offers tranquillity and space, where the growth and development of performing artists is central and where creative collaborative processes flourish beyond the issues of everyday live. An open house and meeting place for artists and audiences of all ages and cultures; a breeding ground where inspiring encounters and artistic exchange result in surprising art forms and performances.

Our team


Our ambassadors are known for their commitment to bringing Akoesticum to the attention of people in the Netherlands and far beyond.

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Working at Akoesticum

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Working at Akoesticum


Stichting Bigbands Forever

Since 2021 Stichting Bigbands Forever is a permanent player within Akoesticum. As a branch organisation, the Bigbands Forever Foundation works closely with the KNMO (Royal Dutch Music Organisation), a national umbrella, interest, service, knowledge and volunteer organisation.

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Windows of Opportunity

Windows of Opportunity offers young, professional musicians up to 30 years of age the opportunity to create a short performance. Not an 'ordinary' concert, but a performance that can be flexibly adapted to changing environments and situations. The core of Windows remains the residency week in Akoesticum; the artistic and business support is extended to a coaching trajectory of several months. The new performances will be performed four times before an audience during the programme.

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As a national training centre for music, dance and theatre, Akoesticum is committed to offering performing artists from all over the world an affordable and professional workplace.

Akoesticum is a non-profit organisation with cultural ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Donations and gifts to Akoesticum are therefore tax deductible. Donors to cultural ANBIs also have an additional tax advantage as an additional gift deduction applies to them.

Articles of association, policy plan and reports

Business data

Name of the organisation: Stichting Akoesticum
Chamber of Commerce:
RSIN: 8226577 40
IBANnumber: NL71 RABO 0129 1294 45
Purpose: To promote all types of performing arts by bringing the performing arts to the attention of the public, creating opportunities to train people, providing facilities for practising the performing arts, offering opportunities to perform, promoting the performing arts, providing musical instruments and everything else that can, in a spatial sense, be conducive to the purpose.
Supervisory Board: Erik Heinrich, Miranda van Drie, Leonie van der Kruk, Joop van Deuren en Sylvia Kortenraij.