Help build a unique cultural place. Telling stories, making contacts, playing, singing, representing. With their reputation, our ambassadors commit themselves to bring Akoesticum to the attention of people in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Gijs Scholten van Aschat

"Workshops, rehearsal and experimentation, Papendal for the arts. The fact that it is also a hotel has many advantages. You can do relatively much in a short time because you do not have to return home all the time. This also increases the focus on what you are doing. At the same time, the place can be a meeting place for artists and performers from different disciplines. And work can be done from small to large groups. Two actors and a director in one room and a large orchestra with a choir.

Try again. Fail again. Fail better. I can't remember who once said this. Beckett perhaps? If you think you can do something, that you have mastered it, that you are unlearned, chances are you are at a dead end in your career. You are never done learning. The 'search for' is the way to go. The result is ultimately the least interesting.

I hope that Akoesticum will become such a place where musicians, dancers and actors can work on their profession, in a protected environment that is inward-looking with the aim of deepening their knowledge. That is why I wholeheartedly support Akoesticum."

Bastiaan Everink

"The simple process of practising and repeating is an important source of success and creativity. That is a lesson I learned in my career as an opera singer and experience again every day. Talent alone does not automatically make you a good artist. As a marine, I had to train a lot to be able to do my job well; as an opera singer, I still do.

In addition, nature has always offered me the space to come to myself and stay with myself, which is certainly essential for an artist. It incites me to be curious and stimulates me to get the best out of myself.

That is why I am happy to be an ambassador for Akoesticum. It is a catalyst for creativity, an inspiring environment in which to develop your talent. Akoesticum is located in the midst of nature and therefore offers everything you need to develop yourself."

Rob van de Laar

"In addition to perfect accessibility, Akoesticum has the facilities to develop a wide range of musical activities. It is peaceful and has a pleasant ambiance in which you can prepare optimally for concerts and performances. That is why I am a real fan of Akoesticum."

Pia Douwes

"Music has taken a central place in my life. It started 30 years ago as a hobby, for fun and as an outlet. It is the same for most active music lovers. You prefer to do that together in a group and in an appealing venue.

I welcome the arrival of Akoesticum, because it offers a unique platform for larger groups of active music, dance and theatre lovers to meet each other.

To learn, to practise and to inspire each other. In suitable rooms that are affordable, with good resources and in a natural environment that connects people. A place that motivates and where new creative ideas are born. Moreover, we can expect this breeding ground to be a springboard for future professional talent.”