Akoesticum offers that what many ensembles and orchestras have been looking for all this time.

Imagine this

That after a day of rehearsing, you sit down to enjoy a warm dinner that was fully prepared for you.

That you enter our cozy café after desert, to reflect on your day with your fellow musicians. And after you go upstairs, you enter your room to enjoy a nice warm shower and tuck yourself in.

That you start your day, well rested, with a delicious breakfast. So that you are fit for one more day of getting the most out of yourself and your instrument.

That you finish this amazing weekend with a try-out. One more rehearsal, but with an audience. Your family, friends, and people from around. To make sure you are ready for the performance you worked so hard for.

This is what you will experience at a rehearsal-weekend at Akoesticum.

Discover the venue

Acoustics, acoustics, acoustics

You know, just like the orchestras and choirs, that went before you, what is crucial for a good rehearsal. Acoustics!

You do not practice for a match of soccer on a tenniscourt.

Likewise, you rehearse for a musical performance on a location that was made for it.

At Akoesticum we have thought this trough. All spaces are acoustically optimized for music and performing arts.

So that you can hear it, as it sounds.


Do you require a piano or percussions? We have it here, for you to use. We also have stage-, light- and sound equipment for your convenience.

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With the comfort of home

Having a break? Head over to the coffee-corner for a cup of tea or coffee and a cookie. Obviously we will not charge you for this.

Do you wish to add a bit of more luxury to this? This we can do as well.

Our chefs will provide you with a lovely breakfast, lunch and dinner. This can be arranged with a buffet, but there are also other possibilities to explore.

Think of tapas, Shared Dining, or a Walking Dinner. But also Live Cooking in our garden, where we serve you directly from the BBQ or wood-oven, is on the list!

When the evening falls

Do you want to finish the day with a drink and some bites? Enter our café and let us serve you some!

Also for the night, we have everything ready for you.

A cozy bedroom with:

  • A comfortable bed

  • Your own shower and toilet

  • Free WiF

Beautifully situated

Akoesticum lies next to 'De Sysselt'.

This is a forest area, located east from Ede. It has beautiful moors and drifting sands.

The perfect place to clear the mind with a good walk!

Ánd easy to reach

This, with nature surrounded location, is also very accessible!

The trainsation 'Ede-wageningen' is within walking distance. That wil make your trip with public transport from the airport a breeze.

For those arriving by care, there is parking space in the area.