Stay for the Night

Stay the night at Akoesticum after your event in one of our sleeping accommodations! You do not have to travel home after a long day of rehearsals, workshops or teambuilding. Our sleeping accommodations are ideal for multi-day events, especially if your participants have to travel from far distances.

Akoesticum has three designated floors with a total of 142 comfortable beds spread over 55 bedrooms. The bedrooms are modestly decorated and show features of the historic building. Each room has a comfortable bed with a linen package, a private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. You can book private, double-, three-, four- or five-persons rooms. As a standard, the rooms come without breakfast. If desired, we are happy to provide a breakfast buffet for the guests.

Check-in & check-out
You can check in at our reception from 3:00 PM. Are you arriving earlier? Then you can drop off your luggage at our reception.

On the day of departure you can check out until 10:00 am.

Group booking
Currently it is only possible to stay overnight at Akoesticum in groups. We do not accept private/individual overnight stays. We hold-on to a minimum of 10 people. A smaller group may be possible in certain circumstances, please contact us if this is the case.

Offerte aanvragen

- Bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
- Sheet package + towel per person
- Central heating
- No air conditioning
- Elevator available up to and including the second floor. Third floor accessible by stairs.
- The five-persons rooms consist of 2 bunk beds + separate bed.
- It is possible to book a breakfast buffet for one hour between the times 7:30 and 9:30 in the morning.